Vision FX – Robot Breakdown Shot

Vision FX worked on this shot as an exercise on how to incorporate CGI into real moving shots.

The different elements of the shot were tracked and movement was added to them in the final stages to create a feeling of depth.

An explosion and some fire was added along with smoke to give it an action movie feeling, as well as some serious colour correction to make it look more like a science fiction film.

Vision FX is looking forward to working on any effects and CGI related shots that you have in your production!

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Building Replacement Breakdown Video

Vision FX worked on this shot as part of a lesson and added a few more elements of its own (including the VFX logo).

First pass is the original footage, the sky, core mask, matte painting, rotoscoping, shadows, compositing extras, original right side buildings, right side rotoscoping, tree detailing, colour correction and final render.

Thanks for watching, hoping to assist you in your VFX related shots in the near future! E-mail with a shot list and expectations for a free quote.

Vision FX & Edge Digital Media: ProSmart Hockey VFX Intro

Vision FX was happy to work with Edge Digital Media and work on a fun visual effects shot for a series of hockey videos!

This was the final version that was presented to the client.

Footage was imported into Autodesk Maya, grid and perspective was matched, puck was animated and rendered out in Mental Ray.

Then, the effects and compositing took place in Adobe After Effects.

Looking forward to working on more shots like this in the future. 🙂

Did you know that the Okanagan Region has a 17% higher tax credit rate for digital productions and video?

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Vantage West Animated Logo

Vision FX was happy to work on this classy animated logo for Vantage West Realty.

Was a challenge to not use too many effects and keep things well grounded and subtle, not my normal way of doing things for sure!

Looking forward to seeing this used in film and on TV, feel free to contact Vision FX for a quote on how you can add this level of class to your existing video productions!

Thanks for watching!